It could easily be argued that Australia has some of the world’s most stunning  – and diverse – natural landscapes. And whilst our bustling cities are beautiful in their own right, there’s something special about escaping to a slower pace where the real star of the show is the natural world. Here are three very different Australian destinations where you can explore some of the diverse and beautiful scenery that our country has to offer.

Blue Mountains

Just an hour’s drive from Sydney is a beautiful expanse of impressive mountains that is often shrouded in a mysterious blue haze. The Blue Mountains is known for its beautiful nature, picturesque villages and is the perfect distance from the city for a weekend away or even a day trip. If you’re making a weekend of it, a stay at the perfectly located Leisure Inn Spires will place you a short drive away from local natural attractions such as the Three Sisters, and Wentworth Falls, and also the natural wonderland Scenic World. Although this destination is ideal to visit year-round, the best time to enjoy its picturesque scenery is often considered to be from September to October, when temperatures are ideal and spring is in the air!


Launceston is a city lucky enough to have spectacular natural scenery right on its doorstep. Tasmania’s second-largest city of Launceston boasts many natural beauties including Cataract Gorge, considered a true wilderness area perfect for nature walks filled with amazing lookout points. Stay at Leisure Inn Penny Royal and Apartments which is just over 1km from the Cataract Gorge Reserve, also overlooking the river and footsteps from a nature reserve. An easy day trip from the hotel, the breathtaking Cradle Mountain is guaranteed to provide a blissful nature stop. One of Tasmania’s signature wilderness areas, Cradle Mountain is home to the temperate-rainforest trail of Liffey Falls with the dramatic waterfall revealing itself at several lookout points along the way. Although a favourite wintertime destination for those who love cold climates, Launceston is perfect to visit during the southern hemisphere autumn when days are cool and dry and nights are crisp.


For those who love hot weather and prefer to look at the ocean than the mountains, Cairns is an ideal destination. Situated in tropical North Queensland, Cairns boasts warm weather year-round, and from the Great Barrier Reef to ancient rainforests, and from breathtaking waterfalls to endemic wildlife, Cairns is a nature lovers’ paradise. Visitors can take advantage of the great location of Park Regis City Quays, which is just moments away from bright blue water, coral reefs and misty rainforests that are rich with plant and animal species not seen anywhere else on earth. Fitzroy Island, Barron Falls and Kuranda Scenic Railway are also nearby, providing days of natural adventures and breathtaking scenery that will restore your sense of peace and balance. A year-round destination, one of the best times to visit Cairns is during the months of July and August when average temperature peaks are around 26°C and rainfall is low.