The east coast of Australia has so many extraordinary places to visit. With a plethora of famous beaches, tropical destinations and unique experiences who wouldn’t want to take a road trip or fly up and down the coast? Now is the best time to explore our own backyard, and to gain a new appreciation for all the east has to offer.

New South Wales

Chances are that if you’re visiting New South Wales, you’ll want to check out Sydney. But if you want the best of the city without the peak crowds and peak pricing, the best times to visit are September through November and from March to May. Planning a trip during these months means you’ll avoid Sydney’s high and low seasons, offering visitors comfortable temperatures and manageable crowds.

For an even cheaper option, spend winter in regional New South Wales when prices are usually at their lowest. Head for the Hunter Valley or Blue Mountains to enjoy crisp country air and great food and wine during the day, then snuggle up next to the fire to enjoy cosy nights. Local tip – winter is also a great time for bush walking in the Blue Mountains, as the cool daytime temperatures make the uphill hikes much easier.

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With its warm temperatures and beautiful beaches, Queensland is a popular travel destination all year round – however there are specific seasons that suit travellers trying to avoid crowds. 

Unlike other states, winter is actually Queensland’s peak season as even though its technically ‘cooler’, the temperatures are gorgeously warm, which means much of the rest of the country escapes there! 

Best time to travel to Brisbane

Like most holiday destinations, occasions such as Christmas/New Year, Easter and school holidays are also very popular with a good chance that prices will rise. And a time you’ll possibly want to avoid (unless you’re a freshly graduated high schooler) is mid-November to the first week of December due to the annual Schoolies celebrations where thousands of graduates descend upon cities and towns around Queensland to celebrate the end of their high school years. 

Best time to travel to Townsville

For a cheaper stay that takes advantage of the low season and avoids school holidays, plan your travel during the late April – May period. Visit the coast for comfortable weather and lower rainfall, and for a more peaceful and slower paced trip! 

Where to stay:

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Best time to travel to Melbourne

Known for its great coffee and fabulous shopping, one other thing Victoria has is notoriously unpredictable weather. Weather conditions vary greatly depending on which part of the state you’re in, and the standing joke is that you can expect four seasons one day when in Melbourne.

In general the best time to visit Victoria, weather wise, is late summer into autumn (March – April) since it’s still warm but not too hot. In autumn humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel moderate, and with great wine regions and stunning coastline just a short drive from the capital, it’s a great time to take a cheap holiday. Autumn is also the slowest season for travellers, which makes it a good time for those looking for cheap deals. Spring also offers moderate temperatures and is a less busy time of year for those who want to enjoy all Victoria has to offer.

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Lovers of colder weather, great food and wine, and incredible scenery will love Tasmania year round – but if you’re a little more frugal of a traveller and looking to save some money, consider visiting in late spring (October and November) or early autumn (March and April). In winter you’re more likely to find cheaper accommodation and airfare, but you’ll want to pack for the season. Plan accordingly for the outdoors as Tasmania gets snow in the winter (pack your boots). 

If you’re a fan of warmer temperatures, however, then the best time to visit Tasmania is between December and February. Although this is peak season and the crowds will be thicker, these are the best months to enjoy Tasmania’s copious amounts of outdoor activities. Pricing tends to go up accordingly, however. 

A happy medium would be to visit between February – March with pleasant temperatures (around 17 degrees Celsius) and cheaper deals to choose from.

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