Another winter with borders being shut means Australians won’t be able to escape to the summer in the northern hemisphere. Not to worry though, there are plenty of different locations you can visit across the country. There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy the cold or would rather be somewhere much warmer.

Mt. Buller Victoria

For those who like to fully embrace the spirit of winter you can head to the snow and slopes in Victoria. Mount Buller is only a three-hour drive from Melbourne and great if you’re looking for a day trip. You can go hiking, skiing or snowboarding depending on your level of thrill seeking.

Penny Royal Adventure Park

Tasmania has an exciting winter festival, Dark Mofo, which features many musical acts, large scale light installations, and food stalls. If you’re more of a nature person then you can explore snow dusted trails on Tasmania’s Cradle mountain. For those looking for more family friendly attractions, the Penny Royal Adventure Park offers a range of activities for children and adults. It is also perfectly located next to Leisure Inn Penny Royal, the perfect accommodation for your stay in Tasmania.

Jenolan Caves NSW Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains transforms into a true winter wonderland with its Yulefest, which runs from June through to August. You’ll find many venues offering traditional Christmas style celebrations. If you prefer to explore the natural wonders of the area then be sure to take a ride on the Scenic Cabelway or go exploring through the world’s oldest caves, the Jenolan Caves.  For accommodation Leisure Inn Spires, is only a short drive to all the must-see locations in the area.

Townsville Beach

If you’re looking to escape the cold weather then Townsville is a great place to visit during winter. The tropical climate and close proximity to the Great Barrier reef make it a perfect location to escape the winter blues. You can check out the reef aquarium or stroll along The Strand, where you’ll find cafes, bars and restaurants on one side and a gorgeous beach on the other. The Park Regis Anchorage accommodation is perfectly located and offers easy access to the many natural wonders in Townsville.