We took some time to have a chat with Shannon Skye, a Australian Socialpreneur and Entrepreneur who has been travelling the world since she was only a child. Hear all about her recent stay at Park Regis City Centre, and see what she had too say about her best holiday ever. Pre-COVID she was travelling around the world two to three times a year and also enjoyed local mini vacations around Australia. 

Recently Shannon enjoyed a trip to Sydney where she stayed at Park Regis City Centre, with her daughter and thoroughly enjoyed the city views from the rooftop and the spacious Park Suite room. The close proximity to popular attractions allowed for Shannon and her daughter to easily explore the city.

Shannon has two teenagers who also share her passion for travelling and together they have experienced and discovered some amazing destinations. She’s shared her best holiday ever and some interesting insights as a professional traveller.

What has been your best holiday ever?

My ultimate favourite holiday has been our safari we did in Africa. We started in Zanzibar, the most beautiful island off Tanzania, before we flew over and did a 7-day luxury safari, staying in the most incredible lodges, we did all the activities including hot air ballooning over the Serengeti, and Lake Manyara.  We spent Christmas Day in the Serengeti, which I think made it even more memorable.

What made it the best holiday?

How different it was to all other holidays, it was such a unique and once in a lifetime experience, at that stage the kids were old enough to really take it all in as well.

What do you look for when choosing and planning your holidays?

I mostly like to look for something unique.  I actually use Instagram to find and source out my holidays, I have a saved file of all the places I MUST SEE! It is actually the best tool for researching holidays and the locations and tours you want to do.

What’s the first place you want to go to once borders re-open?

Everywhere! We will take some time off work and go throughout several countries, on the list are, the Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Cuba, Mexico, Europe including Spain, Greece and Croatia and then Africa again.

What are some destinations that are on your bucket list?

Before COVID we were booked to go to Cuba and Canada so I would love to go there when I can. We actually have plans on hold to go travelling for 6 months when we are allowed to travel again.

Have you revisited a destination more than once?

Absolutely, I have fallen in love with Southeast Asia and in particular Boracay in the Philippines, I have visited there 5 times. We also frequent Bali as it’s just so easy for Australians to visit.

What are some destinations that you would recommend as a must visit?

Philippines!  It is stunning, the people are so welcoming and hospitable, the accommodation, food and drinks are great prices, and it is less discovered than other Southeast Asia destinations. It would by far be the most beautiful landscape I have been to, and I have been to ALOT of places.

What are some travel hacks you can’t live without?

I book through Skyscanner for my flights, it compares all airlines and booking engines.  Use your travel insurance from your credit card, it is included in a lot of cards and they actually have a great policy.  Don’t be fooled if you are told that it doesn’t cover everything, I’ve been with people who paid hundreds of dollars for insurance and have not been covered but my free insurance covered me.  I’ve made a few claims with no issues at all. Also load your photos to a cloud every day in case you lose your camera or phone!

What are some things you always travel with? 

Internet and phone, I always buy a sim in the country I’m visiting or take the international plan on my phone.  Oh and loads of camera equipment, phone, vlog camera, DSLR camera, drone, GoPro… I have it all.

Shannon’s amazing travel experiences can be seen on her Instagram account @_shannon_skye where she boasts over 55k followers. If you’ve been inspired by her travels and are looking for your own next adventure you can book yourself in at one of StayWell hotels throughout Asia and Australia, each one is ideally located for you to enjoy the local attractions.

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