For the most part holidays are considered to be wants, but there comes a time where it becomes a need. If you can relate to more than one of these signs below, it might be time to start getting those holiday outfits ready…

  1. You can’t remember the last time you took a holiday.
    Does your most recent holiday feel like a distant memory? Have your suitcases and travel baggage accumulated layers of dust from being untouched? Have you forgotten what it feels like to have fun?  This is the most obvious sign that you need a holiday. 

  2. You get a very strong feeling of envy when you see a friend on holidays.
    Your friends travel photos used to bring you joy and inspire you, but now you can’t stand looking at them and seeing all the fun places they’re visiting.

    Photographing Boston skyline at sunset

  3. All you do is work.
    Life is about finding the right balance and if you’re doing too much of the same thing then you’ll find yourself unhappy and unmotivated. A holiday is the easiest and best way to add in new and exciting experiences into your life. 

    Holidays tourist relaxing

  4. You constantly feel stressed out.
    A healthy amount of stress is good to keep you on your toes, but if you’re finding that your stress levels don’t go down then you need a break. A holiday will help you escape the stress and come back to face it with a clear and rejuvenated mind. 

    Vacation travel planning

  5. The most excitement you experienced recently was when you reached the end of your coffee stamp card and received a free coffee.
    It is important to appreciate and savour the little joys in life, but we also need some bigger and more exciting events in our lives.

    Tourist visiting Spain

  6. You catch yourself daydreaming about all the places you want to visit.
    It’s time to stop dreaming and start booking.

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