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Park Regis by Prince

Where Every Guest Feels Like Royalty

Our Hotels Are a Reflection Of Our Bicultural Heritage. A Celebration Of Place That Makes Each Region and Property Special. 

  • Communication and Entertainment Hub Communication and Entertainment Hub
  • Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Free Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour Room Service 24-hour Room Service
  • Premium Bed Premium Bed
  • Pillow Menu Pillow Menu
  • Nespresso in suite rooms Nespresso in suite rooms
  • Large Smart LED TV Large Smart LED TV
  • Biophilic Design Principles Biophilic Design Principles
Park Regis by Prince exterior

Our Mission & Vision

Welcome to Park Regis by Prince, a classic upscale hotel experience that is both aspirational and accessible. A place where exceptional service meets sophisticated design, and traditional hotel touches to create a stylish alternative to mainstream hotels for guests seeking a premium hotel experience.

A hotel stay at Park Regis by Prince is a feeling that you are at the centre of everything – both in terms of the city you’re visiting and for our hotel teams for whom your comfort is the number 1 priority. Our mission is to create the world’s most thoughtful hotels, with exceptional levels of service in prime locations around the globe.

True to our emblem the fleur-de-lys, Park Regis by Prince is a carefully crafted hotel experience where every guest feels like royalty.

Park Regis by Prince

Our Brand Story

The story of Park Regis begins in 2006 when the world’s first Park Regis hotel was launched, symbolised by a single fleur-de-lys – the traditional symbol of kings. By 2017, Park Regis hotels had grown to include 20 properties around the world, and in this same year merged with Prince Hotels to create a new upscale offering known as Park Regis by Prince.

Our hotels are a celebration of our unique bicultural heritage, resulting in a seamless fusion of Japanese, Australian and local elements bound together by a shared passion for exceptional hospitality and service.

Stylish, aspirational and accessible, a hotel stay at Park Regis by Prince is a beautifully curated classic hotel experience.

PRBP KeyCard

Our Brand Pillars


Park Regis by Prince is a curated hotel experience designed to match our prestigious Fleur-de-lys insignia. A place where inimitable service meets sophisticated style; where the timeless appeal of traditional ‘hotel cues’ and services are blended seamlessly with modern technology. Where the best of the new world supports and enhances the very best of the old.


At Park Regis by Prince we adopt an individual approach to every interaction and partnership so that each experience is beautifully adapted to the needs of the organisation or person at a particular moment in time.


Loyalty is at the heart of our brand. It’s what bonds our people and our partners together into family. Loyalty is why we view the business in terms of long term relationships and not just short term dealings.


At Park Regis by Prince we live for making every guest feel like royalty by providing the best hospitality in the best hotel locations around the world.


At Park Regis by Prince we take an active role in helping to create the world we’d like to see – connected people, shared spaces for socialising and working, up to date technology for a seamless guest experience, agile ways of doing business with our partners and an emphasis on ethical and sustainable business practices wherever we can.

Heart in hands illustration

Our Brand Archetype

The Caregiver

For a Caregiving brand, the core strategy is to do things for others. Not because it’s our job, but we really, honestly want to make sure our guests are truly happy during their stay with us. It’s about facilitating wonderful experiences for our hotel guests and going above and beyond to help wherever we can. Because we know that we only have a small window in the lives of our guests to show them what it feels like when someone genuinely cares for your comfort.

If we succeed in making our guests feel loved, safe and taken care of through warm attentive hospitality and personalised service, we create a strong, consistent brand that people can embrace and endorse.

Our Brand Signatures

  • An Impressive Arrival

    Our lobby experience is central to establishing our premium brand promise and sets the guest mindset for their entire stay with us.

  • A Local Welcome

    At Park Regis by Prince, the local culture is alive and apparent from the moment you step through our doors.

  • Jean

    Jean is the Park Regis by Prince Guest Services Manager and AI tool who assists with all guest service operations.

  • Signature Scent

    Every Park Regis by Prince hotel is infused with our subtle signature scent, lending an unforgettable note to the entire experience.

  • Premium Amenities

    We have chosen to partner with Atkinson’s, the official perfumer to the Royal Court of England and to the most aristocratic and exclusive clientele worldwide. 

  • Australian & Japanese Flavours

    Every Park Regis by Prince hotel challenges its chefs to create exclusive dishes that reflect our bi-cultural heritage.

  • Philosophy of Design

    Our interior design demonstrates biophilic sophistication, a living breathing environment that connects guests with nature and instills a sense of calm.

  • Brand Elements

    Our visual identity is Warm – modest – natural – classic – upscale. 

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