StayWell Hospitality Group Gathers in Singapore

StayWell Hospitality Group Gathers in Singapore

25 August 2016

StayWell Hospitality Group Gathers in Singapore

Park Regis Singapore opened its doors last week to welcome a fleet of StayWell Hospitality Group management teams for an annual global gathering aimed at upskilling, educating and empowering the organisations’ workforce.

StayWell executives from all over the globe came together for the Groups’ third bi-annual Global Gathering which took place from the 13th to the 18th of August 2016. The highlight of the Gathering was the Gala Dinner on 17th August which was attended by close to 100 people from around the world including hotel owners, key partners and suppliers as well as StayWell’s executive team.

StayWell Hospitality Group CEO, Mr Simon Wan said that the global conference was a prime opportunity for key team members to come together to share knowledge, achievements and to spend time together in the same room.

“As a global organisation we often find ourselves working closely with a colleague from a different country or time zone, this conference was an excellent opportunity for our team to network in person, share knowledge and sit together side-by-side,” Mr Wan said.

While the main aim of the conference was to gather the groups’ key decision makers together to learn about each region’s business challenges and practices  and to set future goals, there was also a solid focus on professional growth for each attendee.

“We set aside a number of sessions to explore the conference theme of Empowering Our People: Unlocking our Potential. Within these sessions we shared knowledge and tips which will encourage entrepreneurial leadership across the group,” said Mr Wan.

“We are fortunate to employ a large group of highly talented people from all around the world. It is vital that these key decision-makers have the authority and ability to make independent judgement calls when the occasion calls for it.

This hands-on training, as well as the presentations by each department, equipped the attendees with a detailed understanding of the business at a micro and international level so they can continue to confidently and expertly manage their region,” he said.

It was not all work for the conference delegates, who also spent an evening touring Singapore Zoo and participating in team building events where they were able to explore some of the key tourism spots in Singapore.

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About StayWell Hospitality Group:

Based in Sydney Australia, StayWell Hospitality Group, operates two high profile hotel brands – Park Regis and Leisure Inn.  StayWell has a growing international hotel network now of over 35 properties across Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, the United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.  The company is privately owned by three stakeholders – Simon Wan (CEO and Managing Director), Richard Doyle (Executive Director and Corporate Counsel), and Bal Sohal (Non-Executive Director). 

StayWell has a defined strategy to grow its portfolio within three years to a network of more than 100 hotels across Australia, South East Asia, India, China and Europe.

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