StayWell Holdings and Prince Hotels Inc. launch The Prince Akatoki

StayWell Holdings and Prince Hotels Inc. launch The Prince Akatoki

13 June 2018

  • Prince Hotels Inc. have announced the launch and creation of a new, 5-star international hotel brand, The Prince Akatoki.
  • The Prince Akatoki will complement the wider portfolio of brands managed by StayWell Holdings, offering a luxury 5-star hotel brand to the group’s already successful portfolio.
  • The new brand will combine visual elements synonymous with Japan, and signature experiences that are unique to Japanese hospitality.

StayWell Holdings and Prince Hotel Inc. have announced the launch of a new luxury hotel brand offering – The Prince Akatoki – which will target the international market (outside of Japan) and complement the brands already operated by StayWell and Prince Hotels.

Prince Hotels Inc. has agreed that StayWell Holdings will be assigned the rights to use The Prince Akatoki as the 5-star brand for future global development opportunities.

Mr. Simon Wan, President and Director of StayWell Holdings Pty Ltd said The Prince Akatoki will provide travellers with an opportunity to experience luxury services and amenities expected of a 5-star hotel brand reflecting certain elements of Japanese refined hospitality and culture.

“Japanese hospitality is renowned for service, tranquillity, and its peerless aesthetic. This is precisely what The Prince Akatoki will deliver. For international travellers, it offers a unique and authentic Japanese flavour.”

“The travellers we anticipate as guests of The Prince Akatoki brand are those actively seeking high quality services and amenities when visiting from gateway cities worldwide, with a specific focus on London, New York, Singapore, Bangkok, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Shanghai,” he said.

While developing the brand, Mr. Wan said the decision was made to keep the connection to “Prince” to capitalise on the prestige and reputation of Prince Hotels in Japan, however noted there will be a strong distinction between the existing brands and The Prince Akatoki brand. “

Akatoki is an old expression of Akatuki meaning sunrise, before dawn, a new beginning and speaks to a new time for Prince Hotels and Resorts, reflecting the international growth of our business.”

“Customers in Japan are familiar with the Prince brand, so they will easily recognise the new brand when they are looking for a hotel overseas,” Mr. Wan said.

 “For travellers who have not yet experienced Prince Hotel brands, The Prince Akatoki will be their first brand experience, and will build positive sentiment and greater brand awareness globally, whilst increasing inbound tourism in Japan. 

Prince and StayWell have expanded their portfolio to include four brands, namely “Policy,” “Park Regis,” “Leisure Inn Plus,” and “Leisure Inn.”  With the addition of The Prince Akatoki, the group will bring the polished Japanese style hospitality that Prince Hotels Inc. to the world, accelerating the inbound strategy and global development that StayWell has been practicing. 


About StayWell Holdings:

One of the largest hotel management groups in Asia Pacific, StayWell Holdings and its parent company Prince Hotels Inc., offers a diverse portfolio of properties across a combined network of 72 open and operating hotels worldwide.

Prince Hotels & Resorts and StayWell’s combined brand offerings include The Prince, Grand Prince Hotel, Policy, Park Regis, Prince Hotel, Leisure Inn Plus, Prince Smart Inn, and Leisure Inn.  Each brand offers guests quality experiences ranging from luxury to lifestyle though to midscale.

Prince Hotels & Resorts and StayWell have set a strategic goal to deliver 250 hotels in the medium to long term. The expansion of both company brands will take place across the regions of Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

Prince Hotels operate a combined network of 50 hotels, 31 golf courses and 9 ski resorts. StayWell has an existing network of 22 open and operating hotels and a further 14 hotels that are committed and opening over the next few years. In addition, StayWell has two key strategic partners being Manhatton Hotel Group in China (19 hotels) and Cristal Group in the Middle East (11 hotels).

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