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StayWell Holdings Snapshot

One of the largest hotel management groups in Asia Pacific, StayWell Holdings and its parent company Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Inc. offer a diverse portfolio of properties across a combined network of hotels worldwide.

StayWell Holdings is part of the Seibu Holdings Inc. and Prince Hotels Group. Seibu Holdings Inc. are a Japanese listed entity on the Tokyo stock exchange, which primarily owns Seibu railway and Seibu bus and are the parent company of Prince Hotels and Resorts who are one of the largest hotel groups in Japan. 

StayWell and Prince Hotels have set a strategic goal to deliver 250 hotels in the medium to long term, with expansion taking place across Asia Pacific, South East Asia, China, Japan, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

StayWell provides both marketing and brand license agreements and hotel management agreements for hotels, serviced apartments, specialty lodging as well as mixed use developments. With an industry-leading team, you will benefit from a true turn-key solution ensuring high yields on your investment.

*Open and Under Development, includes StayWell, Prince Hotels & Resorts and Manhattan Group

Global Hotel Network

  • icon 120* Hotels
  • icon 72 Cities
  • icon 15 Countries
  • icon 10 Brands
  • icon 32,228 Accommodation Rooms
  • icon 1,000,000+ Loyalty Members*
  • icon 250 Target Hotels
  • icon 9 Global Sales Offices

*Open and Under Development, includes StayWell, Prince Hotels & Resorts and Manhattan Group | Combined loyalty database of StayWell & Prince hotels

Brand Offerings

StayWell’s brands range from luxury to lifestyle to midscale, with brands operated throughout Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe and multiple properties in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville and Launceston.

  • The Prince Akatoki London guest room
  • The Prince Akatoki London exterior
  • The Prince Akatoki London room
The Prince Akatoki Logo
  • Luxury brand
  • Inspired by Japan
  • Located in key gateway cities
  • Signature experiences unique to Japanese hospitality
  • Japanese Food & Beverage experiences
  • Park Regis by Prince

The World’s Most Thoughtful Hotels

  • Classic Upscale brand
  • Modest Hotels in Premium Locations
  • Biophilic Sophistication
  • Unique Bi-Cultural Heritage
  • A celebration of place that makes each region and property special
  • Policy brand
  • Policy brand - development services
  • Policy brand - design

Your Policy Is
Our Policy

  • Lifestyle brand
  • Maturing millennials
  • Personalised experiences
  • Open workspaces
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Woman looking at Giza Pyramids
  • Passionate Localists
  • A Global Village
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Leisure Inn Pokolbin Hill
  • Leisure Inn Spires
  • Leisure Inn Pokolbin Hills pool
Leisure Inn Logo
  • Mid scale brand
  • Unbeatable locations
  • Value for money
  • Fresh and modern design
  • Anchored around comfort
Enhancing your Design & Investment

Enhancing your Design & Investment

Project Feasibility Assessment

  • Execute site visits and meetings with key stakeholders and relevant government bodies to gather key data specific to the region, city and the subject location
  • Review specific market intelligence and key information on StayWell’s comprehensive Development Feasibility Analysis Template to assess the viability of the project
  • Assess and discuss brand suitability for the project
  • Agreement review and agree on hotel layout plan, room design, lobby design, consultant appointment, scope of work and brand standards with hotel owner

Hotel Construction – New Build

Phase 1 – Project Kick off and PCG Meeting

Brief on brand design, brand standards, recommend turnkey procurement solutions, hotel space, circulation efficiency, communication protocol for regular PCG meetings

Phase 2 – Design Phase

  • Design – Collaborate with Interior Designer and Consultants and agree on concept design, layout plan, lighting, artwork, FF&E and schedule of finishes of the guestroom, FOH, vertical transportation, façade, signage, landscape
  • MEPF – Agreed on Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Safety Plans with MEP consultants to ensure MEP output is energy efficient and the design, installation and setting to work, testing and commissioning of the entire MEPF systems comply with International, National, Regional, Local regulations and brand standards.
  • Technology – Discuss IT trends and outline key technologies in terms of IT requirements, functionality and features to attain relevant system integrators and providers based on brand design and standards

Phase 3 – Procurement Phase

Operations Supplies and Equipment (OS&E, Uniform) – provide the owner with OSE detailed schedules and recommend turnkey procurement solutions to deliver substantial cost-effective saving to the hotel owners

Phase 4 – Construction Phase and Handover/Practical Completion

Regular site inspection and monitoring of construction progress, mock-up room inspection, quality assurance, agree on practical completion and handover program, snagging, defect analysis and rectification

Phase 5 – Hotel Opening

Develop Preopening Budget, Preopening Business Plans, Critical Path timeline and prepare for hotel opening

Hotel Construction – Refurbishment/Rebranding

  • Assist in cost effective refurbishment of existing hotels and hotels joining the group to meet to the brand standards
  • Collaborate with interior designers and consultants to incorporate brand design and standards into Guest rooms and other Front of house areas
StayWell Value Proposition

StayWell Value Proposition

Why Owners Choose StayWell

  • icon Tailored operating and sales and marketing strategy
  • icon Global distribution network
  • icon Strong brand awareness and customer reach
  • icon Global cross sale network
  • icon Streamlined communication protocols and accountability
  • icon Efficient implementation and structured execution processes
  • icon Ongoing platform upgrades, training and innovations
  • icon Support and relationship with world class technology and service partners
  • icon Competitive management fees
  • icon Results driven and service orientated culture
Park Regis Kris Kin destination

Owners Support

Working on Your Vision

Fostering Long-term Relationships

Based across the region with in-depth knowledge of their respective markets, the multi-lingual development team is committed to fostering long-term relationships with the right partners and assess each and every opportunity to ensure every StayWell-branded hotel has the potential to succeed in its chosen location.

Analysing Your Opportunity

The experienced investment analysis team will carry out market-based assessments, provide analysis of local demand generators, recommend facilities in line with the brand which will best maximise the potential of your hotel based on the site particulars.

Signing on the Dotted Line

We recognise that no two hotel development agreements are the same and we will work with you to secure the most suitable contract arrangement for your hotel, whether it is a franchise or a management contract.

We also recognise that time is often of the essence to secure land, buildings, permissions and finance, so our legal team has developed a pragmatic and flexible process to support getting the deal done while ensuring that the right policies, procedures and controls are in place, to protect your multi-million dollar investment.

Optimising Your Asset

Hotel Lifecycle & Growth

We understand that design is key to creating great spaces that your guests will love. Our Hotel Lifecycle & Growth team is made up of in-region design and construction specialists with global experience through all stages of hotel and resort development and asset lifecycle dedicated to delivering exactly that. We partner with you to optimise your investment via our technical services inspiring and informing the delivery of best-in-class hotel design, relevant to the local market and our guests. Our experience reduces your risk.

Managing the Opening Process

StayWell’s Hotel Opening schedule of events tool is used by our corporate team and on-property hotel teams to track and communicate the progress of all tasks required to successfully open your hotel.

Hiring the Right Team

For your hotel to be successful, you need a talented team who can bring the StayWell brands to life. StayWell’s strong employer brand, as evidenced by the company being well recognised as a good Employer, attracting the best candidates, while our HR Team help you hire them.

Training to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

StayWell provides all the training your staff needs to deliver a great guest experience and keep them involved in the business. Through our experience managing hotels globally, we know exactly how to train each and every new hotel employee in StayWell’s operating standards and systems, to deliver a Brand hearted service to your guests, and maximise commercial performance.

Driving Performance on Opening

Long before you open, your hotel will be visible on various booking channels and begin taking reservations, ensuring maximum business from the day that you open your doors. Once the hotel has opened, we will work closely with you to boost sales and marketing activities, stabilise and maximise performance as quickly as possible.

Driving Your Performance

Driving Performance on Opening

Empowering our Powerhouse Regions

Moving away from a traditional hierarchy operating model, StayWell is spearheading a new organisational approach that focuses on enabling and empowering our powerhouse regions in key markets with well-resourced multi-functional leadership teams.

Strengthening Talent in Market

Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa has been segmented in four geographic business units, each offering a full complement of locally-based support to drive results for your hotel, including:

  • Development
  • Hotel Lifecycle & Growth
  • Operations
  • Commercial
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance

Optimising our Hotel’s Performances

These business units will only be strengthened with benefits expected for you, our owners, in terms of deeper owner/operation interaction as well as optimised performance at a hotel level through an up weighing of talent in regions, quicker decision making and faster reactions to changing market conditions

Turn-Key Management Service

Turn-Key Management Service

Revenue Generation


The Revenue Generation Department provides support and contributes to maximising property performance goals. This is achieved through providing a platform of systems and services across areas including Business Planning and Budget Reviews, Brand Development and Brand Standards Compliance, Public Relations, Advertising, Loyalty Program, Partnership Marketing, Digital Marketing (Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO/SEM), Website Management, Sales, Revenue Optimisation and Channel & Distribution.

Information Technology

  • Identify and source the latest technology and innovation
  • Improve the efficiency and productivity of the group
  • Establishes and oversee the group’s IT strategy
  • Develop and maintain an internal network as well as external cloud services
  • Develop and Maintain a hybrid network and standard operation environment
  • Provide turnkey IT services for established and newly built hotels

Technical Services

Key objectives are to assist owners to

  • Build the best possible hotel
  • At the lowest possible price
  • In the quickest possible time
  • With the most efficient design and circulation

Project Feasibility Assessment | Project Control Group (PCG) Brand Assessment and Suitability | Interior Design | Signage MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) | Safety/Security Pre Opening Activities | Turnkey Procurement Solutions Codes | Defect Analysis and Rectification | OE&S Procurement Support Services


Finance provides strategic business planning, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, producing and analysing financial and operational KPIs, auditing and cost control as well as a wide range of property financial and management reporting. Through its key functions, the finance management team provides financial support and supervision in key decision making processes to maximise profitability and minimise operating costs, monitor working capital requirements and bank accounts, conduct investment analysis and manage insurance coverage to safeguard asset values.


Operations and Human Resources



Operations Department supervises the day to day running of the properties in the group, providing appropriate support and services to ensure each property meets its financial performance targets and service standards. This is achieved by establishing, implementing and monitoring operating policies, procedures, systems and standards across the room and food & beverage departments.


Human Resources are responsible for the strategic process, development and expansion of human assets for properties within the group. The Human Resources Team utilises the latest technology and applications for sourcing and evaluating human assets, global OH&S compliance, psychoanalyzing program for staff recruitment, performance review, mystery guest shopping program conducted by independent consultants and ongoing training, thus ensuring the best people with the right skillset and attitude are hired and retained. This results in strong growth of returns to owners and investors and a welcoming experience for customers.

Asset Management & Legal


Responsible for the management of more than 500 individually owned apartments in StayWell’s property portfolio. It represents the group and apartment owners on property body corporates and provides advice relating to property repairs and refurbishments.


StayWell’s in-house Legal Department provides legal services to the group for the benefit of the managed properties by reviewing property contracts, licenses and permits. It also offers assistance with banking management and funding relationships. This department also provides assistance on any litigation or disputes affecting the property as well as providing support through an affiliated legal firm to assist owners with property acquisitions, joint ventures and other legal issues if required.



This department works closely with developers, property owners and investors by assessing new property projects to ensure they meet the
group’s brand standards.

Additionally, the team certifies that the property design and product is positioned correctly to meet the demand of the relevant markets to assure its long-term financial viability.

  • Well researched site location, fully accredited brand selection, fact based project feasibility, metrics targeted at performance
  • Customise the contract for the clients benefit to maximise return on their investment.
  • A clear objective to help the hotel owners and developers own the best hotels at the cheapest price at the least amount of time with an efficient circulation of layouts.
  • Ability to get involved in the full spectrum of hotel project from investment to development to management to leasing to marketing licenses to strata title management.
  • Highly experienced hotel development and tech services team based in Sydney Global Office as well as multiple regional offices around the world.

Hotel Opening & Rebranding Support & Expertise

Pre Opening Budget Preparation to estimate the expenses for various activities,

  • Key Assumptions
  • Pre-Opening Budget Summary
  • Pre-Opening Budget
  • Manning Guide
  • S&M Pre-Opening Budget
  • Contract Employee Guide
  • IT Pre Opening Budget
  • Staff Benefits
  • Guest Amenities

Comprehensive pre-opening critical path providing guidance for completion of key tasks across various areas including Brand Compliance, Rooms Division, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Finance, IT, Revenue Generation, Human Resources, Recreational Facilities, Security, Kitchen


  • Main Building Work Handover Schedule
  • Technical Services Design & Construction of Interior Design Approval Form
  • Sequence Of New Hotel Design & Construction And Timeline


  • Report on number of rooms defects
  • Report on number of outlet defects
  • Ensure room meets brand standards
  • Each room is inspected
  • Defects are listed with photographs and commentary
  • Ensure room meets design standard
  • MEP / IT
  • A/C, Water pressure, WI-FI, TV and Phones are all checked


  • Monthly report from project manager
  • All construction items are listed with progress status
  • Revised to the latest building handover date

StayWell Development Leads

Simon Wan

President & Director

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and China

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Simon Wan

Simon Wan

President & Director

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and China

Simon Wan is the President and Director of StayWell Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Prince Hotels & Resorts, the largest hotel owner and operator in Japan. Prince is owned by Seibu Holdings, a well-respected Japanese conglomerate listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with a Gross Asset value of US$15 billion.

Prince Hotels & Resorts and StayWell’s combined brand offerings range from luxury to lifestyle though to midscale with each brand highlighted by quality guest experiences. Brands operated by Prince Hotels and Resorts include The Prince, Grand Prince Hotel, Prince Hotel and Prince Smart Inn, while brands operated by StayWell include The Prince Akatoki, Policy, Park Regis and Leisure Inn.

Prince Hotels operate a combined network of 55 hotels, 31 golf courses and 10 ski resorts. StayWell has an existing network of 27 open and operating hotels and a further 10 hotels that are committed and opening over the next few years. In addition, StayWell has a number of strategic partners being Manhatton Hotel Group in China (25 hotels) and Cristal Group in the Middle East (9 hotels).

With over 35 years of experience working for leading international hospitality groups including Holiday Inn, Hyatt and Accor around the world, Simon is spearheading Prince and StayWell overseas hotel developments and operations.

Prior to StayWell, Simon was the CEO and Managing Director of THL – an ASX listed hotel company with 530 hotels worldwide. Prior roles include the Managing Director of the Park Plaza Hotel Group for Asia Pacific and Accor’s CEO for North Asia, based in Beijing, overseeing a hotel portfolio of 68 hotels in the region.

Rohit Vig

Vice President Development

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Rohit Vig

Rohit Vig

Vice President Development

Rohit has been instrumental in building StayWell Group business in India, Middle East and South Asia since inception. Before being appointed as Vice President Development, StayWell Holdings and Managing Director, India, he served as its Managing Director, India and was responsible for its overall strategy, hotel development, management and operational support in key source markets.

Rohit has very strong relationships with owners and other stakeholders in South Asia, and always work tirelessly to drive profitability through operational and development excellence and seek strategic partnerships to further extend company brand portfolio and hotel network.

He brings more than 20 years of international hospitality experience and has held leadership positions in the USA and Asia. He has worked for large number of hotel groups including Starwood, Hilton, Accor, Taj, ITC and Choice Hotels providing services for operator searches, feasibility studies, debt planning and restructuring.

An alumnus of The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor & Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, he completed his Undergrad in Finance & Management.

In his early stint, he has also worked for Eastman Kodak at their Head Office in the United States and solely responsible for Sarbanes Oxley implementation, then moved to India in 2006 and started Terra Firma India as one of the managing and founding partners. In 2007, He built his first internationally branded operational hotel in India and venture and started a real estate development company that specializes in development of luxury housing in the Delhi/NCR.

During his tenure, Rohit received many accolades and recognitions; the most recent was “Emerging Hospitality Leadership Award’ at 5th edition of ‘Hospitality leader’s industry choice awards’

Rohit also has vested interests in a specialized lifestyle management company, recruitment agency and e-commerce portals. His expertise covers business development, real estate, finance, hospitality and private equity. He is an avid runner. He maintains equilibrium fostering strong relationships with his family and friends and spending quality time with them.

Sarah Taylor

Development Manager – Pacific & North Asia

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Sarah Taylor

Development Manager – Pacific & North Asia

Sarah joined the Global Development team in early 2021 with her key objective to assist the rapid expansion of the StayWell portfolio to 250 hotels within the next decade. 

Having been promoted to Development Manager, Pacific & North Asia in mid-2022, Sarah is charged with the sourcing & management of new development projects in Australia, New Zealand & North Asia, as well as acting as a head office liaison for the global team. In addition, she conducts market research and competitor analysis and is actively involved in the due diligence and approval process of management agreements for board approval submission.

In a career spanning over 20 years in the tourism and hospitality arena, Sarah’s vast experience encompasses roles with many industry-leading companies such as Hyatt, Marriott & American Airlines, as well as sales roles in wholesale and corporate travel. Her previous experience and skillsets in Revenue Management and hotel operations, enable her to efficiently and effectively navigate the tendering process and deliver quality service to all stakeholders. Sarah understands the importance of service quality, building positive networks and where reputation is paramount.

In addition to her role at StayWell, Sarah volunteers on a local council committee to assist in maintaining strong relationships between her local council and two municipalities in Japan via annual student exchanges and university exchange program held every two years. This indulges in Sarah’s interest in building strong international bonds through cultural awareness and understanding.

Sylvia Tanuwidjaja

Business Development Manager


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Sylvia Tanuwidjaja

Sylvia Tanuwidjaja

Business Development Manager


Sylvia recently joined StayWell to assist and drive growth in our developments in Indonesia and Greater Asia area.

Bringing a vast background of business development experience in the mining industry, importing industry, as well as the retail industry and automotive industry, Sylvia has worked in numerous environments and markets and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Development Team.

Sylvia is challenged with sourcing opportunities to assist the company’s aggressive growth plans, with the key objective to strengthen the group’s portfolio.

StayWell Development Offices


StayWell Holdings – Head Office 
Level 10, 80 Clarence Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA


StayWell Hospitality Management 
Office 1707 Binary Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay
P.O. Box 415702 Dubai, United Arab Emirates


StayWell Hospitality Management 
Level 4, 401-402, Vipul Square
Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon 12200 Haryana INDIA


The Prince Akatoki London
50 Great Cumberland Place Marble Arch
LONDON W1H 7FD United Kingdom


Park Regis Singapore 
23 Merchant Road Singapore 058268

President's Message

“As one of the largest hotel management groups in the Asia-Pacific region, the opportunity for StayWell Holdings to expand and provide travellers with quality experiences, ranging from luxury to lifestyle through to midscale, is an exciting one. The whole team at StayWell and I look forward to being able to bid for your business and showcase our experience and agile approach for your investment.”

Simon Wan,
President & Director
StayWell Holdings

Simon Wan

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