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United Kingdom

Nigel Atkinson – Development Director – United Kingdom

During his time as a high level consultant for big names such as Morethanhotels Ltd, Hilton, Holiday Inn and HM Forces, Nigel could be found sharing his anorak worthy knowledge of all things risky (think health & safety, risk management, asset management, development & design and ongoing property maintenance).

Having successfully run his own hotel and worked as General and Area Manager with Stakis, Nigel understands the realities, the challenges and the daily detail of running a successful venture. And, he knows what it takes to step away and hand over the reins to someone else.

With Nigel’s support your hotel will conform to the very latest changes in health and safety legislation and your building will be maintained to the very highest standards. His focus will be on preserving super high standards at the most cost effective price and in the most efficient way. Plus, if a new build is on the cards Nigel’s your man. His will advise and support your development, from start to finish.