Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

StayWell supports many worthy causes and is committed to assisting the environment through its responsible business operations. The group understands the impact businesses can make on the local community and strives towards achieving the best possible outcome in all factors.

Tour de Transplant

StayWell and Park Regis Hotels are delighted to further partner with HLTTV as a sponsor of HLTTV’s 2016 Tour de Transplant. The Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) accommodation program strives to provide affordable accommodation for heart and lung transplant recipients and their carers. The Tour is a 600km fundraising bike ride from Warrnambool to Melbourne, 2-6 March 2016, led by cycling legend Phil Anderson. All funds raised support HLTTV’s Second Chance Accommodation Program, providing a home away from home for heart and lung transplant patients. Visit for more information. To donate please donate to this worthy cause, please visit the HLTTV website.

Environmental Program

StayWell is committed to giving back to the environment through our dedicated Green Program. Each hotel in the Group has a responsibility to ensure that its operations take into account the actual and potential impact on the environment.

Corporate Objectives: to improve energy, water and waste management. To educate and train staff to become more energy conscious and improve their awareness on their impact on the environment. To be a good green corporate citizen.

Sustainability: it is important that the strategy is sustainable and is not only focused on short term achievements. The sustainability of the strategy will be ensured by ongoing measurement which would allow management to determine the level of efficiency which the program is aiming to achieve. Additionally, ongoing innovation is crucial to ensure that the strategy is adapted to any changing internal and external factors.