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Delicious Local Produce In Tasmania

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Delicious Local Produce In Tasmania

Delicious Local Produce In Tasmania

Delicious Local Produce In Tasmania

Known as Australia’s gourmet state - Tasmania offers you the chance to savour hand-crafted wine, beer and fresh produce. You can also meet the makers, chefs and growers through various guided and self guided tours that are on offer. Tasmania has restaurants to suit all tastes, ages and budgets – many of them offering a range of local wines to complement your meal. You can eat among the vines in the wine regions – some serve tasting platters with their wines, others elegant a la carte, and each location tells a story.

MarketsOn Saturday, visit Salamanca Market in Hobart, where most produce found is local. Some of the specialties that you can taste are special herb vinegars, mustards, bush honeys and organic goods. If you have the chance - visit one of the specialist delicatessens across Tasmania to taste locally produced condiments, smoked and fresh products and beautiful cheeses.

Tasmania has it all

Wine and Alcohol - Tasmania features over 100 vineyards producing outstanding, cool-climate wines, particularly sparkling, chardonnays, rieslings and pinot noirs. Great apple ciders, fruit wines and liqueurs are still produced.

fishSeafood - Modern aquaculture has commercialised the production of many of Tasmania’s traditional seafood such as scallops and abalone and introduced the farming of new varieties like Atlantic salmon, ocean trout and Pacific oysters.

Meat and Mushrooms - Quail, deer, Cape Barren goose and other game are now farmed for the table as is milk-fed lamb and veal. Commercial mushroom farms produce five tonnes weekly of champignons, Swiss browns, oysters and shitakes.

cheeseCheese - Lactos and King Island Dairies are among Australia’s most successful and their influence has spread to a proliferation of smaller producers making wonderfully individual farmhouse cheeses such as Heidi Gruyere, Tasmanian Highland chevre, Pyengana Cheddar and a wide variety of washed rinds, blues, camemberts and bries.

Dine at Macquarie Room Restaurant and Bar

pastaLeisure Inn Hobart Macquarie’s onsite restaurant is the perfect place to let your taste buds experience fresh Tasmanian produce. With a NEW Chef and NEW menu boasting delicious Australian cuisine using fresh local produce such as Huon Valley Swiss Brown mushrooms, Tasmanian squid rings, Local Tasmanian Rannoch Farm quail, Panfried Fresh Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, Tasmanian scallops and Tender Tasmanian beef steak – there is something for everyone to enjoy...and don’t forget to finish off with a Banana Split or Meringue Berry Basket featuring Tasmanian berries.

Sleep Well in Tasmania

We have four great hotels for you to choose from when staying in Tasmania.

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