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StayWell Hospitality Group Sponsorships

StayWell Hospitality Group Sponsorships

Park Regis Melbourne launches Butt Safari

The Park Regis Team in Melbourne launched the first of two fundraising events for the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust Victoria (HLTTV) on Sunday 9 February. In partnership with the Port Philip Eco Centre, Park Regis' goal was to raise $1,200 to assist members of HLTTV patients and their families.

To achieve this goal, the plan was to set off on a cleaning mission to rid the streets in the Port Philip and Stonnington Shire of cigarette butts. In return the initiative would attract grant funding from the Port Philip Eco Centre which would later be donated by Park Regis to HLTTV.

The Port Philip Eco Centre are a not for profit community managed environmental group based in St. Kilda developed to create awareness and solutions to environmental sustainability. The idea behind the Butt Safari initiative was to bring about awareness that the cigarette butts we litter eventually flow into our drainage system and invariably flow into the Port Philip Bay where they gather and do not bio degrade in the natural environment.

A big thank you to all 8 Park Regis staff members on the day who braved the scorching Melbourne sun. The mission was a success with the team collecting over 4,800 cigarette butts and raising $800 on the day with the next scheduled clean up on Sunday 23 February.

HLTTV Heart & Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc

The Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) accommodation program strives to provide affordable accommodation for heart and lung transplant recipients and their carers. Park Regis Griffin Suites provides support to the program to ensure transplant patients and their families are able to stay in comfort and close to the hospitals during the ongoing treatment process.


The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne is the only centre for lung and heart transplants for all patients from Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, southern NSW and the Northern Territory. It is also the national centre for paediatric lung transplants.

After receiving a transplanted heart, lung or lungs, the patient and their carer are required to attend the hospital for a compulsory 3 month rehabilitation and medical monitoring for 3-5 days a week. For patients who are from country Victoria or interstate, this is not possible without the Second Chance Accommodation Program between HLTTV and Park Regis Griffin Suites, providing a home away from home.

For more information or opportunities to take donate to this worthy cause, please visit the HLTTV website.


Zoo Parents - Kambiri the Pygmy Hippo


Park Regis Concierge Apartments have recently become proud “Zoo Parents” of Kambiri, a gorgeous baby Pygmy Hippo, born on 26th June 2010. Kambiri is only the fifth Pygmy Hippo to be born in Australia in two decades, so her birth is a vital addition to the region's population of Pygmy Hippos. .

Click Here for more information on the Zoo Parent program at Taronga Zoo.

Click Here for more information on Park Regis Concierge Apartments.


Zoo Parents - Small-clawed Otters

Birthday treat!

Park Regis City Centre has recently become proud “Zoo Parents” of the cute and playful Small-clawed Otters. Zoo Parent sponsorship provides animals with the ongoing support and development required to maintain their growth and the expansion of their enclosures and help ensure their survival for future generations.

Click Here for more information on the Zoo Parent program at Taronga Zoo.

Click Here for more information on Park Regis City Centre.



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